Puppet Show

Rajasthani Puppet Show for Birthday Party

Rajasthani Puppet Show for Birthday Party

a) There are a number of themes to choose from for your puppet show. Also based on the birthday theme we make puppets characters and our shows are totally unique.

b) In the puppet show, the birthday child is made to feel the most important person. He is even given a chance to handle those puppets. We can even make the show revolve around stories about the birthday child and their friends. Guests are given roles, although the main role is reserved for the birthday kid.

c) Our shows are interactive, involve the audience and keep them engrossed. Typically our show has the time duration between 20 – 45 minutes. We include humor, suspense and a well-knit story to make the children hooked up until the last act.

Our show first starts with a brief about the puppet characters to warm up the audience and get the kids acquainted about the characters. This is followed by a musical number highlighting all our characters. Then starts the epic story, we have different stories based on the children’s age group. The main thing in all our stories is that the audience play an intrinsic role in helping the hero win over the villain. After the act we have another interesting section – we bring out all the puppets and show the children how they work (kids love this part the most).

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