Popcorn for birthday party in Bangalore

Popcorn for birthday party in Bangalore

Popcorns are loved by people of all ages, right from tiny tots to adults. Being light, in no time the whole popcorn box gets empty and you are left wishing for more. Classic Birthdays has a unique idea of adding popcorn to the children birthday party, they would love to gorge on the never ending supply of popcorns. Children don’t need any advanced dishes or decorations in a birthday party, what they need is an unlimited supply of their favorite items. So for your kid’s birthday party, we’ll arrange a popcorn counter with a variety of delicious popcorns.

Classic Birthdays is never short of ideas to make every child’s birthday party special. Here are X ways in which we’ll light up the party:

a) A variety of mouth-watering dishes loved by all kids. We add twists to the traditional dishes and make them unique and each food stall will be populated with kids.

b) Our decorations please all kids. We use chocolates, balloons, balloon art and intuitive games to ensure that each kid has the best time participating in all activities.

c) Our artists are well-versed in entertaining the children, no child feels left out and has a fun-time in exploring how the magicians, puppets and tarot card readers perform their tasks.

d) There are so many activities for tiny tots such that parents will have to literally pull their children out of the jumping castles, slides and hoopla rings.

e) For teenage kids we have special media section with our photographers and videographers filming in each moment. Photo booths with the best landscapes and latest props, cool enough to have pictures that will be uploaded on all social platforms.

Come celebrate your child’s birthday with Classic Birthdays and make it a remarkable event for all.


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