Ice Gola for Chat Counter

Ice Gola Counter for Birthday Party

Ice Gola Counter for Birthday Party

The toughest thing in a kid’s birthday party is to decide the menu for the party. Kids have their own preferences and parents have to keep dishes that are liked by all. Classic Birthdays have organized enough and more parties to know what kind of menu would appeal to children. We’ve noticed that sweet corn is liked by all. Medium spicy sweet corn, toppled with a dollop of butter, garnished with cheese or made tangy with lemon – children love it. So we’ll help you select the menu, based on our experience. We can be your food advisors and aid in choosing the apt menu.

Classic Birthdays will take care of the entire birthday party menu. Be it sitting with your kid and deciding the birthday cake to showing him the options, to deciding the main menu and the dessert section, we’ll handle everything. We have our team of bakers who’ll come up with the trendiest and lip-smacking cakes. If you want to add an extra glitter, we’ll have 3-D cakes, cupcakes and designer cakes prepared based on your requirements. Chocolate fountains to melt child’s heart that they can gorge on to their content, enough to make every birthday party a fairytale event. Parents can enjoy the birthday and remain care-free while we look after the arrangements.

Have a blasting birthday party for your little ones with Classic Birthdays where we come up with delightful and innovative ideas to make each party unique. We believe that each child is unique and hence every party has to be a special event.


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