Clay Modeling (Clay Art)

Clay Modelling for Birthday Party

Clay Modelling for Birthday Party

Children have a constant stream of ideas flowing through their minds. These when given a medium of expression, make them the happiest. Classic Birthdays has a fun activity called clay modelling where children are given clay to express their thoughts and see them take real form.

Classic Birthdays has a number of activities specially devised for birthday parties wherein the kids let their imagination on rampage and have the best time. We combine fun and honing imagination in birthday parties so that each kid has the best time of his life. Classic Birthdays is never short of ideas to liven up each child’s mood in a birthday party.

All the children are given clay molds, design choices and then they are given a free hand to let their ideas take form of clay. We’ve seen that they spend the best time doing this activity. Imaginations take shape and three dimensional forms, hours spent in creating forms and shapes that will be taken home, what more could a child want! In this technology age, children no more have means to express their creativity and a birthday party that has all the old-school activities to foster imagination are indeed enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Every child is unique, his brain is a powerhouse of imagination, so why not organize parties that encourage these aspects? Classic Birthdays has activities specially designed for birthday parties that are unique, informative and enjoyed by all. We organize birthday parties where kids have the best time of their lives.


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