Chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain for Birthday Party

Chocolate fountain for Birthday Party

A birthday party with fountains of chocolate, wherein kids can poke their breadsticks and get a whole dig at the chocolate would be like a heaven party! Let’s arrange a chocolate fountain for your kid’s birthday and trust us children won’t move from that section. If you are looking to throw a birthday bash with an innovative touch that makes you stand a notch above all, Classic Birthdays will arrange it for you. Innumerable ways to make every party unique, with ideas that would please all guests, we will make sure every child has a memorable time.

We at Classic Birthdays strictly believe that every child deserves the most happening party. Not a moment should be dull, not a single child sit idly and their eyes should light up with the best decorations. So our efforts are dedicated in that direction, to make a birthday party a one-of-a-kind event. We arrange intrinsic birthday parties for children of all ages, right from toddlers to kids to teenagers. Each party has activities too woo all the guests present and leave them wishing for the party to go on forever. We believe that the food section is an essential part of a birthday party, as much as a child enjoys playing, equally do they await for the food stalls. Food stalls with the favorite dishes with some exotic touches here and there, that’s how we make our food section unique.

Kids are always partial to chocolates, they’ll prefer them over all desserts. In the entire venue we will keep chocolate fountains overflowing with molten chocolate, lip-smacking for each child present. Here is how Classic Birthdays will use chocolate fountains to brighten up the party:

- We’ll place it at every food stall. Thus the children would love to have a bit of it while visiting the food stall.
- Even around the cake we’ll keep the fountains so if the kids want an extra chocolaty cake it’s available to them.
- Each fountain will be surrounded with cupcakes and bread sticks, a choice for each child’s preference.

Classic Birthdays will come up with out-of-box ideas to make every birthday party a unique event. We leave nothing upto the parents, we are a one-stop-hub for all your birthday party requirements. The only thing that parents have to do is sit back and enjoy or be a part of the festivities.


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