Balloon modelling & Balloon twisting

Balloon modelling for Kids Birthday Party

Balloon modelling for Kids Birthday Party

Imagine that wow moment when kids and guests enter a birthday venue decorated with twisted balloon designs!

Is your child’s birthday just round the corner and are you looking for decorating the entire venue with a twist? So unique that it would amaze the guests and kids right from the moment they enter the party? Your search ends at Classic Birthdays , well-known for its ability to dazzle children’s birthday parties with creative and innovative balloon twisting’s.

Classic Birthdays weave magic with balloon modellings, our artistry astounds children and adults alike. Ever imagined how creative and edgy could you get with balloons? Our balloon twisting’s leave children in awe, we re-create a simple balloons into marvelous shapes and forms. A round balloon transformed into shapes that you could never imagine!

We also include a fun activity where kids are taught balloon modelling. Kids love balloons and by teaching them to be more creative with balloons, we thoroughly stir their creative juices to take cute shapes. Each child is taught to transform a balloon into their favorite character and many happy hours are spent popping balloons and transforming them into turkeys, monkeys, whacky hat decorations, cute wearable’s and table pieces.

Based on your child’s age group, we teach them balloon twisting’s all guaranteed to liven up the birthday party. Never will a moment be dull, Classic Birthdays has a plethora of activities specially tailored for every age group. Birthday clowns are a fad of the past, we stay in tune with the latest technology trends to bring in the trendiest elements in your child’s birthday party. Your little ones’ birthday comes just once a year so leave no stones unturned to make it a terrifically happening event.


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